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​​​System Requirements​

Browser Specifications

 For the best experience, we recommend using Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome as your browser. 


Microsoft Edge 

Please upgrade to Microsoft Edge for Windows 10.  

Microsoft is no longer providing support for Internet Explorer.​ 

The new BEACONNECT will not load correctly in Internet Explorer.




Loss Prevention documents cannot be accessed by Chrome from an iPhone. If you are using Chrome, please upgrade to the newest version of Google Chrome. Click here to download the latest Chrome browser. In Chrome, you may see the message "Only secure content is displayed" at the bottom of your browser window. If you do, click "Show All Content", and click Retry to re-display the web page.



​Please upgrade to the newest version of Firefox. The new BEACONNECT will not load with prior versions.
Click here to download the latest Firefox browser.

Note: Any computer/laptop accessing BEACONNECT using a Firefox browser will not have the ability to process Online Quotes.



Please upgrade to the newest version of Safari. The new BEACONNECT will not load with prior versions. Click here to download the latest Safari browser.

Note: Safari browsers on a MAC desktop cannot open Policy, Claims, or Loss Prevention documents in BEACONNECT. Consider downloading a Chrome browser to your Apple device.


If you need further assistance, contact the Beacon Help Desk.​

Mobile Devices

Mobile devices with small screens have limited ability to process the "Report an Injury" feature. BEACONNECT Excel reports are also not viewable on tablets and phones. Any mobile device accessing BEACONNECT using a Chrome browser will not have the ability to process Online Quotes or view Loss Prevention documents. See the Internet Browser specifications below for any other known restrictions for mobile devices.

Apple Devices

Apple products, for example iPhones, iPads, and Mac products are not compatible with the Online Quoting feature. See the browser specifications below for any other known restrictions for specific Apple devices.​

For All Internet Browsers

The following list applies to all browsers:

  • Adobe Reader must be installed. Click the Adobe icon to download a free version of Adobe Reader: Adobe can be configured to open PDFs directly rather than in the browser window. download.png
    Open Adobe Reader and access Preferences. Make sure the check box is not checked to "Display PDF in a browser.         

  • Cache Settings: Your browser should be set to check for new pages each time you visit a page rather than displaying an older version that may be be stored in your cache. For Internet Explorer, open your browser and access the "Internet Options". For the Browsing History settings, make sure that it is set to refresh "Every time I visit the webpage". Click OK to save.

  • Pop-Up Blocker: BEACONNECT uses pop-ups for some features. If you have pop-ups blocked, click here for steps to disable pop-up blockers.
    Also, your browser can be set to allow exceptions for BEACONNECT. In the browser menu, access the Pop-up Blocker Settings and add: 
    The BEACONNECT address will appear in the Allowed sites field. Click Close to save. If you have the Google toolbar or similar software, make sure to allow popups there as well.

  • Cookies and Javascript must be enabled to view invoices or reports, report a claim or make payments. In the browser settings check to enable both Cookies and Javascript.