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Registration Help - ​Create an Account

​Who can register for a BEACONNECT account?

Registration is open to any policyholder who does not already have a BEACONNECT Key Contact.
Key Contact users need to have the web browser set up correctly. See System Requirements help page for details.

If you are not sure whether or not a Key Contact user was already created for you company, please continue, and we will let you know if one exists.

  • If you are an agent and would like to log in to see your business, contact your underwriter.

  • If you already are a policyholder user and would like to have the Key Contact role to manage additional users for your organization, please contact your agent.

    What is needed to complete the BEACONNECT initial registration?

    You should have the following information ready when initiating registration:

    • Account number – located on your policy information page
    • Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) – located on federal tax return for your business
    • Policy number – located on your policy information page
    • Your email address – must be a valid company email

    How long will registration take?

    Initially, about five minutes. Complete registration is a two-step process;
    Initial registration will allow the user limited access to:

    • Report a claim
    • View loss prevention documents
    • View public news
    • Request a PIN code

    Full registration is possible only after receiving your company-specific PIN code, which will be sent by regular mail to the business address on record. Entering the PIN code will complete the registration process and will allow the user access to the above services, plus:

    • Manage users
    • Policy administration