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Glossary - BEACONNECT Terms

‚ÄčAccount: Your account with Beacon that holds your policyholder information; this is Not your BEACONNECT account (User Profile).

Broker of Record: The agency on file for a policyholder.

Browser: Your window that provides access to BEACONNECT.
See the System Requirements page for a listing of supported browsers.

Claim Loss Run: Report listing the claims related to a policy.

First Report of Loss (FNOL): The term used for reporting an injury.

Insurance Certificate: The proof of insurance used by a policyholder.

Master Organization: For an organization with more than one company, only one of the companies within the organization's hierarchy can be designated as the Master Organization.

User Organization: Any company that has an account in BEACONNECT is classified as a User Organization. A Master Organization is also a User Organization. In a business hierarchy there can be one or more than one User Organization.

Subscriptions: In a hierarchy organization, a subscription is the ability of one organization to access or "subscribe" to other company's information that are in lower tiers of the organization.

Online Claim Reporting: The feature that allows users to "Report an Injury" online in BEACONNECT.

Online Quote: Agent feature to develop a quote for a policy for existing or new policyholder.

Online Registration: This process enables you to "Create an Account" in BEACONNECT and gain access to your policy account information online. This is not a process to create a policy account with Beacon. See the Create an Account help page.

Password - Change: If you know your existing password, you can change it in the My Profile window.

Password - Reset: If you forgot your password, you can request that it be reset in the Login window.  

Policy Period: The effective date of a policy.

Policyholder: The insured employer who is identified on the policy information page and is protected by the policy. 

Roles: The designated rights that enable s user to access BEACONNECT features. Roles allow security access to account information:

  • Key Contact: allows BEACONNECT user to manage other users.
  • Principal: full access to account information
  • Policy Administrator: view My Business and claim information.
  • Financial Contact: rights to view a policy's financial documents.
  • Payroll Contact: ability to upload Pay As You Go payroll information
  • Document Notification Contact: agents who receive new documents.
  • Loss Prevention Contact: rights to view Loss Prevention documents
  • Report Claim: access to report claims online through BEACONNECT.

User Profile: The BEACONNECT user account, which provides access to your policy Account information.