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Policy premium is determined by the classification of a business and the business' loss experience.

See the Payment Plans page for related information.

Policy payments can be made in several ways.

Click the payment buttons below to learn more about each method of payment.



The Pay As You Go program enables policyholders to report their payroll to ensure that Beacon has the most current information on which to base premium payments.




The Online Payment feature enables you to connect with the Bank of America website to make a payment using your Bank of America user name and password.
Important: You do not need to log into BEACONNECT to use this method to make a payment. When you click to use this option, you will migrate to the Bank of America website. You need your Bank of America login information as you do not use your BEACONNECT username and password. Click the Online Payment button for more information.


Lockbox payments are made using the United States mail or mail courier. For the mailing address and other information about lockbox payments, click the By Lockbox button to learn more.